The intersection of

Heart, head and hand

to shape our pathway to success

Researching human behavior and motivators

Since 1978

A first-of-its-kind two minute survey

that amplifies three lenses in our style:


Why we do what we do, our internal Drivers and Motivators that initiate all of the above


How we do what we do, our Behavioral Style.


The environment in which we do our best work because we want to.

It’s like a GPS to help illuminate our pathway to success

A GPS needs three satellites to operate. MindsetData provides three lenses to light our pathway to success. There are 2,376 different results from this brief two-minute survey.

World’s first two-minute Mindset survey to help engage, focus, increase teamwork, and encourage collaboration.

Dr. Russ Watson has written long-form assessments for over thirty-five years. These have been used around the world and are translated into over twenty-five languages and read by over 20 million people! His current breakthrough is a very brief Mindset survey taking less than two minutes to complete. 

It’s the first of its kind in the world, and illuminates the intersection of Heart, Head, and Hands (Motivators, Behavioral Style, and Ideal Work environment) in a unique brief-form summary format. This is gaining global attention and is available to you at a very special price.

Case studies:

Industries where we have learned much through our active research:

Senior housing

We learned who is most likely to move-in or remain at home. We cracked the code on resident engagement in the seniors community.

Dieting and Fitness

We began research in this area in 1984 and we haven’t stopped. We provide the motivational nudge to help guide a successful pathway.

Higher Education

We complement all tools provided by the colleges and have cracked the code on student engagement and persistence.

Private Healthcare

Helping healthcare professionals fine-tune their communication for each client and patient.

Sales Training

We provide a motivational catalyst to help all salespeople maintain optimal effectiveness throughout the year.

Life Coaching

A super tuned-in method that is transparent to any long-form assessments a coach might use. It’s like a GPS helping to guide each person on their pathway to success.

Real Estate

Helping agents and brokers maintain their edge and blending their style with clients and customers for optimal communication.

Private Investment

Providing insight into optimal mix of investments based on each person’s level of risk acceptance.

Entrepreneurs, and Start-Ups

Helps each member of the team quickly understand and optimally communicate with others, and maintain optimal focus. Like a GPS to guide the team to their successful goals.

Find out what we think:

Internationally known


Dr. Watson’s research into values and motivators began in the mid-1970s and culminated with his doctoral dissertation in 1982 where he re-standardized a nationally standardized assessment on values in emerging adults. That research made news, and was featured in: